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Our story began in 2014.

Starting out as a passion helping out friends and colleagues on mobile app and web-related issues, Samuel decided that he wanted to carve his passion into a career path. So he embarked on the APPLIFY journey, providing a platform for both mobile app and web users to go to whenever assistance was required.

As Samuel, the founder of APPLIFY says, “Being in the IT industry is not always just about being equipped with the latest technologies and trends, but also to work on the innovative and creative aspects of providing integrated solutions to customers with specific and relevant needs.”

Over the years, APPLIFY has consistently built up its customer base ranging from individuals to corporations by delivering high-converting sites as well as sustainable app developments. It is the company’s aim to help customers obtain the best results from their websites and applications through a trusted digital solutions provider – APPLIFY.

The Preferred Digital Platform & Service Provider with passion for our people, partners and customers.
  1. Providing high customer satisfaction by providing problem-solving and technical support for customers.
  2. Ensuring a safe digital environment where customers can rest assured knowing that their websites and applications are in good hands.
  3. Creating a balanced work environment for employees to exert their best talents and abilities in assisting customers.
  4. Striving to help organizations soar to new heights with effective digital marketing solutions.
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